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Relish your memories with our best spring mattress, equipped pocket spring aided with MSI technology which assures zero partner disturbance and generous thick two-sided PU foam comfort layer let your sleep with superior comfort throughout the every sleep

  • High Tensile Pocket spring with MSI technology – more bounce with Zero partner disturbance
  • Helical border wire support – Avoids spring aging & maintains mattress shape unchanged
  • PU foam side support comfort layer – Avoids mattress side sagging
  • High density Cotton felt layers on top & bottom springs for firm support
  • PU foam comfort layer quit on bottom – Ability to withstand the weight & provides superior support
  • Mattress Crafted to perfection – Knitted tapestry Belgium design thread locked by web tape finish
  • MSI Technology – Zero partner disturbance
  • Kurlo Fresh – Avoids bacteria, fungi & dustmites
  • Anti-dust mite – Protection against dust mites to avoid bad Odour
  •  Anti- Microbial – Protection against microorganisms on inhabits their growth
  • Side Support – Avoids side sagging, comfort at each mattress corner