After moving to our new home, my wife and I have a special requirement with respect to design, measurement and customer friendly complete taek wood cot within a reaosnable budget .

After few weeks of online research and offline stores search, we came up with a design based on 3 online pics and checked for possibilities in Vishakapatnam furniture shops. After couple of weeks we went to Bombay gas light stores to purchase dining plates and went to upstairs just to see furniture and models. There the man Joseph showed us all the models and finally we explained our little dream model cot design and requirements. After sometime, Mr.Joseph drawn the basic outline picture with our inputs and we are very satisfied with the picture.

Then the transformation of the picture and reality is pending. After discussion with the carpenter finally Joseph comfirmed it is possible and after couple of weeks they made it into reality.

We are very happy with the final output and infact the output came beyond our expectations. Solid wood with grains , Matty finish color, good quality cushion and cute side shleves and one of our important requirement is Trundle Bed ( Bed under Bed) which is finally made possible.

Thank you Joseph and Naayab Interiors🙂🤝

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