Office Chair with Back Support

We spend almost half of our day in the office, out of which plenty of time is spent sitting and working. Hence, back pain is a widespread problem faced by multiple people. There could be many reasons behind the back pain, such as the incorrect sitting position of hip pain or the wrong office chair for degenerative disc disease. Finding the right office chairs helps in the reduction of back pain.

However, it can get challenging to look for the best ergonomic office chair, as the internet is flooded with office chair options with back support. But we do not understand which is the best office chair for lower back pain should we boil down to finally.

What Type of Office Chair is Best for Your Back?

For those suffering from acute back pain, it is time for you to invest in the best ergonomic office chairs in 2021, and we will help you with it. The material of the office chair should be such that it does have proper padding to support your back.

Best Position to Sit When You Are Suffering from Lower Back Pain

Back pain can seriously get on to our nerves if it becomes severe. Hence, one should be cautious of our sitting position, especially when one suffers from the lower back.

Best position to sit


Here is how you must be sitting on a chair:

  • You should always sit at the end of the chair with a complete slouched back.
  • Draw your body up and give your back an Accenture as much as possible. Hold on to this position for a few seconds.
  • Release this position after a few seconds at around 10 degrees. This is considered to be the ideal sitting posture.
  • Always try to position yourself in a firm high-back chair that has armrests. On the other hand, sitting on a soft couch will make your back round and not support the back’s curves.
  • Especially while working, don’t forget to adjust your chair’s height and get it at the same height as your work station. Rest the arms on the desk or the chair, and keep your shoulders relaxed throughout.
  • When you are standing from a sitting position, move your body to the seat’s front side. Always stand-up post straightening your legs and avoid bending your body at the waist.

List of Best Office Chairs That Lower Your Back Pain

If you search up on the internet, you will find a plethora of office chair options for sciatica, but to help you decide the best chair for lower back and hip pain, we have the best ready for you already, such as 2216, 2687, 5301, and many more.

Types of Office Chairs


Naayaab Interiors is the one-stop destination offering the best office chair for lower back pain. At Naayaab Interiors, they have a vast computer chair collection for long hours available for you at affordable prices.

Hence, choosing the office chairs that fit the back is essential, especially for people who have a desk job and spend most of their time in the office sitting.

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